Liberate yourself! Write with passion in our
8-week creative writing online course

A healing balm for fresh writing wounds and old scars or blocks.
We know how it feels and we know how to make it fun!

Best online creative writing course for . . .

beginner writers / closet writers / stalled writers / writer’s block

   I felt you were as interested in helping me as I was, perhaps more so.
The level of help and concern is unparalleled in today’s automated reply mentality.
I may have to make a trip out to New Mexico to see in person who
cares about me and my writing this much!   

— Catherine Nichols, San Diego, California

Our curriculum is different from the average creative writing course. We specialize in caring and encouragement. We build your confidence and nurture your creativity. We teach you accountability. And the assignments are fun.


We help you with your fear of writing.
We are gentle with you (no critiques).
We offer a fun mini-course called Orientation.
That’s so you can get the utmost from taking the course.

Many creative writing courses educate you on how to get and agent or how to navigate the publishing world. We do not profess to be experts on how to get published.

Instead, this course provides a healing balm for your deepest writing fears. Or your regrets about letting your writing lapse for a long time. Or even your frustration about never having gotten started. All packaged with cheers and fun.

You’ll effortlessly learn to write creative short stories, lively anecdotes, “Easy Button” outlines, a fun self-interview, quotable quotes . . . all without the blahs of manuscript formatting or the terrors of peer critique.


If you haven’t written much in ages—or you’ve never really had the courage to start—we can definitely set you on, or back on, the path to calling yourself a writer.

Writers who feel burned out from doing it as a business (or from trying to please the publishing industry) also love our fun curriculum.

Kimina Lyall, student of the Fear of Writing Online Course

Kimina Lyall

   You have no idea how excited I am not
to have to hide the fear anymore!   

—Kimina Lyall, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,
now a published author (


Judith Shaw, graduate student of the Fear of Writing Online Course

Judith Shaw

My life was a shambles. A serious accident effectively ended my 25-year career with horses, and I had to reinvent my life. I turned to Google for help. By what seems now to have been a case of Divine Intervention, I came across Milli Thornton’s Fear of Writing Online Course and had a look. The course promised to make writing fun.

As if!

I’ve been involved with writing all my life, mostly as an editor, but also as a journalist. I even published a book that got written up in the Far Eastern Economic Review. But I would never have called writing fun. The very idea stuck me as outrageous.

So I called her up. And I took her course. It totally changed my life.

All of a sudden, writing was like taking dictation. I could hardly write fast enough to type the words. And it was fun.

The course wasn’t about how to write as much as it was about helping me to allow myself to write. I can’t tell you how important that permission has been to me. I was able to write with fluency and joy. And I loved what I wrote. That was maybe the biggest surprise. I was writing fiction, which was something I never thought I could do.

By the middle of the FoW course I really felt like a writer, a writer having fun writing good stuff. I have never looked back. Without Milli and her brilliantly organized course, it would never have happened.

—Judith Shaw, Great Barrington, MA


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