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I have had so much fun with this course that every time I get an email I check to see if it came from FoW. The assignments and words of advice seem to match perfectly what I needed at the moment. As the course name implies, I’ve shed a great deal of fear about my writing. Coupled with the always available help and the insights you have into the writer’s psyche, I was and am exceptionally impressed, and quite grateful.

—J.G., Chicago, IL

Our creative writing online course is about having fun and gently healing old writing scars. It’s also about establishing (or re-establishing) that you ARE a writer and learning how to write on a regular basis. Our course contains specific elements designed to make this happen over a period of eight weeks:

Have more fun with your writing

Have more fun with your writing!

* 18 creative writing assignments that will liberate your imagination and your powers of expression.

* A safe environment in which to unfold shaky writing wings. (As one woman said: “It screams safe!”)

* An avenue for writers to express their fears, but without dwelling on them to the exclusion of their creativity.

* The opportunity to write on a regular basis, in a structured but fun environment.

* Mingle with other writers without fear of being critiqued.

* Plenty of positive reinforcement for focusing on creativity, instead of all the usual “shoulds” that can come with writing.

* A progression of creative and emotional blossomings that will help you foster greater self-confidence.

* The sense of accomplishment and momentum created by doing it—by actually taking the steps to overcome your fear of writing.

* A chance for writers to see what they’re really capable of . . . instead of being defeated by the critical voice inside that loves to pound us with self-defeating beliefs.

Whatever you can do,
or dream you can,
begin it.
Boldness has genius, power
and magic in it.

—John Anster, paraphrasing Faust

In addition to the goodies listed in Course Details, there’s an intangible benefit that you’ll get from taking—and especially finishing—this writing course. It’s about your initiative as a writer; about learning to use the power you’ve already got.

   Miraculous things happen to those who consciously choose to overcome their fears.
As they begin to move forward in this new life journey, many find deep, long-lost feelings of
inner strength and renewed self-confidence. They gain certainty in their skills, abilities and
even downfalls. They have the good fortune of learning more about themselves, their
wants, needs and desires, thus opening new doors of opportunity and enjoyment.   

—Dr. Rita Louise,

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