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Is our course the right sandbox for you?

WELCOME TO OUR enrollment center!

This is a special process, intimately designed to ensure that we only enroll students who really need this course.

Your healing, enjoyment and creative blossoming here is our utmost priority, and that’s why this course is a “labor of love” cottage industry—not a mass-enrollment, just-another-face-in-the-crowd type of class.

Take your time. Enrollment here is not a quickie job. If you’re ready to do this you’ll be in it for the long haul (8 weeks of writing). It’s our combo of fun baby steps and getting you to write on a regular basis that will change your life. But you’ll need to pay attention.

Treat enrollment as an important part of your journey. It’s chock-full of learning opportunities!


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If you’ve done the suggested reading and you took the survey (Is this right for me?) but you’re still not 100% sure you should take the plunge, the best way to find out is to start enrollment. You’ll get a lot of extra info during enrollment that will help you make up your mind.

Doing enrollment does not commit you to anything. Milli purposely keeps payment as the 7th step so you won’t commit your money till you’re sure you want to do this.


Here are the seven steps you can expect. (You won’t need to remember these steps; you’ll be guided through them.)

— FAQs
— The Importance of Pacing
— How to Be a Good Student
— Not Your Average Dry Refund Policy
— Firm But Loving Terms of Service
— Enrollment Form
— Payment

Enrollment takes about 45 minutes and should not be rushed. Grab a cup of coffee and make sure you have enough uninterrupted time before you start:

Enroll in the Fear of Writing Online Course

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She will encourage you throughout the enrollment phase.

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