Fear of Writing Graduate Course

Fear of Writing Grad Course

I’m more than satisfied with the amount of writing I did. In my assignments, I compared the me that came out the other side of the grad course to gold and a beautiful rose without feeling delusional. That means I accepted myself as a writer.

— Ramakrishna “Cram” Chavali, Tokyo, Japan

GRADUATES OF THE Fear of Writing Online Course usually want to know what they can do to sustain the momentum they created during their eight weeks of joyous writing. The Grad Course is a challenging and fun way to maintain the flow.

The Grad Course is a little different from the Fear of Writing Online Course. There’s no student manual this time. There’s a switch of focus too—not quite as many short stories and more fear-healing and confidence-building assignments.

The curriculum again features 18 writing assignments, with passive reading interludes throughout. Below the tuition info, you’ll find the FAQs and a complete run-down of the curriculum to help you understand what the grad course consists of.

Tuition, the same 3 choices

The application form for the Grad Course is at the bottom of this web page.

Tuition for the grad course is the same as it was for FoW101. You can review those three options by visiting Tuition (opens in a new browser tab).


How do I qualify for this course?

By graduating from the Fear of Writing Online Course.

Where is the grad course located?

The grad course uses the same software (Moodle) that you became familiar with during the FoW online course. You’ll have the same login and the same profile (i.e., the photo you uploaded and the student bio you wrote during your first eight weeks).

How long does the course last?

The grad course is self-paced, so that’s really up to you. There’s enough material to keep you busy for 8–12 weeks even if you post several assignments each week. Very early in the course you’ll be shown how to design your self-imposed deadlines. A little later, you’ll be given one opportunity to adjust your deadlines should experience prove that you’ve boxed yourself in. After that, the deadlines stick.

Line-up of Lessons & Writing Assignments

Documents featuring (~!~) in the title contain writing assignments

How to Continue Being Accountable for Your Writing Progress

(~!~) The Purpose of the FoW Graduate Course
Overview of How the FoW Online Course Made You Accountable
Using the Accountability Forum to get help when you need it
Hot Tips for Using Self-Imposed Deadlines to Get Your Assignments Written
Setting Your Self-Imposed Deadlines & Your Graduation Date

I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar!

The Voice of Worthlessness . . . and what to do about it
(~!~) Footprints #1: Inner Doggie Interviews Grad Student
(~!~) Footprints #2: Your Glamorous New Author Bio
(~!~) Being Accountable For Your Writing Progress (Part 2): Your Amazing List of Advantages
(~!~) Dreams & Goals Collage
What to Do Next With Your Self-Imposed Deadlines

Demystifying the Demoralizers of the World

You Are Not Alone (& Why It Helps to Know That)
Your Venting How-Tos
The Grade School Teacher
The High School English Teacher
The College Professor
The Family Member
The Agent: Part I
The Agent: Part II
The Editor or Publisher
The Literary Critic
The Burning Question & Your Tap on the Shoulder
(~!~) What Zig Ziglar Said
(~!~) Sweeping Dust Bunnies

Demoralizers Part II: Outlasting Your Critics

An Audience of Your Own
(~!~) The Healing Power of Your Writing
(~!~) Scientific Proof That You Actually Are Good Enough?
Fear of Writing Success Stories
(~!~) Using the RAS You Were Born With!
(~!~) Mentoring Myself

Reinforcing Your Story Writing Skills

10 Tips for Using the Storyteller Writing Prompts
The Four Stages of Writing: Caroline’s Cautionary Tale
(~!~) Unrequited Glove
Research: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya
(~!~) Twinsomething
Name Soup & Seafood Chowder
(~!~) The Lobsters are Coming
It’s Written in the Face
(~!~) Sweet Obscurity
112 MORE Fun & Easy Ways to Reinforce Your Story-Writing Skills

A Mini Grad Course in Graduating

The Hermit Crab Convention for Writers
(~!~) The Astonishing Romance of the Writing Life
(~!~) On Being a Self-Initiated Writer
(~!~) Get Your Motivation Here 5¢
(~!~) The 5 Secrets to Becoming the Writer You Dream of Being


To apply to be a student of the grad course, you will be subject to the same Refund Policy and Firm But Loving Terms of Service that you agreed to when you enrolled in the Fear of Writing Online Course.