Step 6: Firm But Loving Terms of Service

This is Step 6 of 7 of your enrollment in the Fear of Writing Online Course

— I understand that my course presenter (Milli) or my friend (Bring-a-Friend Plan) will not be providing critiques on my writing, only loving and supportive feedback.

— If I’m struggling with fear, procrastination or assignment confusion, I WILL use the contact form at the bottom of that lesson or assignment to get help.

— I understand that my login will expire the day after my graduation date, which is 8 weeks from the time I post my first assignment. I understand it’s up to me to use Milli’s pacing tools (and get help if I need it) to make sure I graduate on time.

— I understand that Milli expects me to finish the course for the following reasons:

(a) she wants me to get my money’s worth;

(b) she doesn’t want me to miss out on adventure and fun that might even change my life;

(c) because allowing fear to conquer creativity is making the choice to let another light go out in the world.