Friend-Pairing Program

IN OUR FRIEND-PAIRING PROGRAM, you’ll be making a new friend. I will pair you with someone from our Friend Pairing waiting list who’s in the same boat you are—looking for a friend to take the course with.

You can elect certain things about your pairing, such as male or female. You’ll see what your options are when you fill out the application form below.

Once you’ve been paired, you must be ready to start the course. You’ll start together, and go through orientation and the 8-week curriculum together. After you hit Submit on the application form below, you’ll land on the enrollment page. I recommend you complete the 7 Steps of Enrollment as soon as you can after joining the waiting list. I prioritize pairings according to who is the most ready—with “most ready” meaning all paid up and your enrollment complete.

The Fear of Writing Online Course observes client confidentiality with personal information. If you proceed with this program, your email address will only be disclosed to the friend I pair you with and vice-versa. You do not have permission to share his/her email address with anyone else, nor to use it to send your new friend every funny Fwd: that comes through your email. Treat your new friend with the same respect you like to receive.

Anyone who abuses the friendship privilege will have their login deleted without a refund. No romantic overtures, no political or religious lectures, no bad behavior toward your friend.

(Such scenarios are rare, but we have to establish boundaries from the get-go.)