Step 4: Not Your Average Dry Refund Policy

This is Step 4 of 7 of your enrollment in the Fear of Writing Online Course

“Your refund policy reveals how much time and effort
you have put into this system. I am impressed.”

—Meg Sweeney, Japan, January 2011 graduate

Back in the early days of this course, some people would try to enroll without making the proper commitment to themselves first. So we don’t leave this one to chance. We provide you with plenty of info during enrollment to help you determine whether this course is right for you.

Within the course, we provide ample opportunity for you to have fun and liberate yourself creatively in a supportive environment. As one student said during her third week:

“The commitment you revealed on the phone was just the tip
of the iceberg for all of the support you provide.”

Therefore, we do not provide refunds to people who drop out after a few assignments or a few weeks without trying to finish. If you’re ever going to recover from your fear of writing, you must make the effort. We’ve done a million things to make it fun and creative—but *you* must still make the effort.

Friendly Tip: It’s not hard. We’ve structured the curriculum
with plenty of baby steps and very doable milestones.

Please examine your heart first. How much do you really want to be a writer? We’re not here to take your money just to bag another tuition. We get too devastated when a student drops out, which is another reason we do everything we can to make sure you’re ready to commit.

(But if you really want this, you’re gonna have a blast!)


“I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took the course. I was a little wary about joining an online venture, but I figured, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ Maybe I won’t get the kind of one-on-one feedback that I would like, but at least I will be writing. I would never have predicted how awesome I would feel about myself, and what a great little life jump-start I would be getting.”

—A. Anderson, Riverside, Rhode Island


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