Step 2: The Importance of Pacing

This is Step 2 of 7 of your enrollment in the Fear of Writing Online Course

As mentioned in Course Details, we place huge importance on pacing. Why? Because success as a writer means learning to write on a regular basis. This is also the only way to break out of any kind of writing paralysis, including procrastination.

Here are some pacing facts you should know before you decide to enroll. We’ll also remind you of these during orientation and give you various tools to help you pace yourself through the curriculum.

— The online course lasts for 8 weeks and there are 18 assignments.

— During Week 1 and 2, students are typically keen to do some extra writing. That’s when we expect you to do three (straightforward and fun) assignments per week.

— After the second week, students often meet their inner resistance and have to try a little harder to get the assignments done. We bump you down to two assignments per week for the remaining six weeks.

— Your graduation date is midnight 8 weeks from the day you submit your first assignment. After that date, your login stops working. In other words, you’ll need to graduate on time (post all your assignments) or risk losing your opportunity to finish the course.

— You can request an extension if you need one, provided it’s for a legitimate reason, eg., you’re sick. Being too busy to write is usually not accepted as a legitimate reason. This boundary is designed to help you place writing as a higher priority in your life.

— During Orientation we’ll provide you with tools to help you pace yourself . . . however, these tools won’t do a thing for you unless you actually use them.

— You can (and absolutely should) use the contact form at the bottom of the lesson or assignment to get help if you need it; for example “I don’t understand the assignment.”

If you follow our expert guidance you’ll do great! During Orientation we provide you with the keys for success. Success means finishing all 18 assignments and graduating on time.

You can do it!


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