Praise from Students

Meet Our Students part 1


Oh Milli! Your wonderful feedback is great medicine. Both you and Lois ‘raised me up’ during this crazy journey I’ve started and you guys rock!

— Steve Gillians, Georgetown, Ontario

I am totally into this writing course and it’s like a self-indulgent treat (in my mind’s eye it’s like a home-baked cookie or Godiva chocolate). Love the positive feedback. Keep it coming!

— Amy Anderson, Riverside, Rhode Island

Milli, as usual your feedback was profound to me. I laugh and I cry when I read it. And most importantly I am SO encouraged. Thank you. I loved when you pointed out that when I thought I was lounging (writing) I was actually WORKING. This was an eye-opener, and pointed out to me once again that this is what I need to be doing.

— Chris Kramer, Zionsville, Indiana

Thanks so much for the feedback. In the midst of a dark and cloudy morning and now ensconced in my windowless office, I got a very deep emotional response to your feedback. I can’t express what a gift you have provided in the approach and tenor of your comments and the course structure. It has opened some doors and allowed a light to shine through that is further illuminating the path that led me to your course in the first place.

— Ellen Maling, Anchorage, Alaska

Deepest thanks are owed to Milli Thornton of, who flew across the Internet to rescue me from being crushed by a wall of writer’s block.

— Kimina Lyall, Australia, from the acknowledgments page of her book, Out of the Blue: Facing the Tsunami

Thank you for the neat feedback. You are so good at noticing every nuance! You’re the perfect writing mentor to have because everything you say is geared to inspire a writer to go on!!

— Catherine Greti, San Francisco, California

Another great lesson from the course—love what you write,
and if someone else likes it: Bonus!

— Teresa Thomas, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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