There are three enrollment fees—you pick the one that most suits your preferences. When you fill out the enrollment form, you’ll use a checkmark to indicate which option you’ve chosen.


OPTION #1 – Bring a Friend, Get a Huge Discount ( $2,500  $475  $299 )

Cost: $299 per student. Mandatory: A friend must enroll with you.

One of the challenges of any writing course is to stay the distance and finish all the assignments. Having a friend to be accountable to in this course—and to share the fun with!—can make a huge difference to your ability to finish all 18 assignments and graduate successfully.

Can’t think of anyone to buddy up with? This is the type of course that can be undertaken even by someone who has never written anything before, but would like to try. If $199 is the most you can spend, and if you’re burning to get started, I encourage you to turn over every rock looking for a friend to enroll with. Post a request on Facebook as well as putting out word of mouth among your non-Facebook friends. You never know who might be a closet writer until you raise the subject of writing.

OPTION #2 – Solo Student

Cost: $475

“Solo Student” means you’ll be relying on yourself for emotional support and for sticking to it.

If you have strong reasons for enrolling alone, be aware that for 8 weeks you’ll have to be your own cheerleader and coach. The curriculum does offer plenty of support tools to help you through (and you can ask Milli for help if you don’t understand something), but you won’t have the benefits of the supportive feedback that you’d get with Option #1 or #3.

If you decide to enroll under Option #2 please be very determined to finish the course. I want to see you get your money’s worth! That means finishing all 18 assignments and graduating successfully.

OPTION #3 – Milli Thornton as Your Course Presenter

Cost: $2,500

This is professional-strength support, pulled from Milli’s 20+ years of gaining insight into fear of writing and helping writers with it firsthand. Her style of supportive feedback is a super tonic for all those voices in your head that love to tell you how much you suck. Here are some other benefits of having Milli Thornton, author of Fear of Writing, as your own personal course presenter:

— Milli will read every assignment you complete and offer praise and encouragement

— Email, txt msg, phone or Skype support from Milli any time you need it during the 8 weeks

— Special training on the fine art of getting help

— Personal, one-on-one support for any pacing issues you might encounter

Milli, as usual your feedback was profound to me. I laugh and I cry when I read it. And most importantly I am SO encouraged. Thank you. I loved when you pointed out that when I thought I was lounging (writing) I was actually WORKING. This was an eye-opener, and pointed out to me once again that this is what I need to be doing.

— Chris Kramer, Zionsville, Indiana

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